Electrify Your Life


If you are wanting a natural approach to detox, lose weight, reduce cravings, remove parasites, reverse disease, and ultimately find healing in your life, this is the program for you.

Electrify Your Life is a 6 week, groundbreaking healing and wellness detox program. It entails a nutritionally sound approach that provides the tools to take back control of your health and wellness…for good. 

Throughout the entirety of the 6 weeks you can expect not only supplements that will aid in your progress, but step-by-step nutritional guidelines on timing and quality of food, recipes that respect the program’s protocol, and at home workouts designed by two of Indianapolis’ most sought out trainers. All this is included within the bounds of a support group led by the creator herself to ensure your success. 

If you are sick of being sick, tired of being tired, and over being overweight then join our community of like minded individuals who are all striving towards a  common goal. 

Electrify Your Life is currently in session. Our next 6 week detox will be starting soon. Fill out the form below to secure your spot!