Functional Training


Never Settle Fitness is a multi-functional fitness training facility. You won’t find much bulky equipment in our gym. Instead, we train clients using their own body weight and mix it up with kettlebells, TRX bands, push sleds, and more. Functional exercises mimic movements that real people actually do in real life. For some people that means carrying kids all day and for others it means walking 18 holes on the golf course. Whatever your fitness goal is, functional training can help you reach it.

Functional training is different from the popular trends that you see in the fitness world now. It is not a fad. It’s a lifestyle. Unlike Crossfit or Insanity, functional exercises can be easily modified to meet the specific needs and abilities of our clients. Also, a personalized program design makes you less prone to injury. That allows you to reach goals while maintaining or improving your quality of life.