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Fat loss and the prevention/reversal of chronic disease can feel overwhelming, confusing, and downright impossible. It doesn’t have to be.

Every day, new diet plans and workout regimens are popping up in your neighborhood, in your inbox and on your social media feed. TV and newspapers are constantly posting new articles about health — “eat this,” “try this exercise” — and then changing their story— “don’t eat that”, “don’t do that!”

Aren’t you sick and tired of the push and pull?

At Never Settle Fitness, we’re not constantly changing directions. We’re only interested in one direction — and that’s moving you forward towards your best self.

No fads here. Just training with a purpose.

We believe that finding health, hope, and healing comes from a simple combination of reconditioning your workouts, refueling your body with healthy food, recharging with a good night’s rest, renewing your mind and spirit, and recovering to get to that next level. When you become a part of our family, you won’t be left in a room full of equipment wondering what to use and how to use it. You won’t be given a stock nutrition plan or left on your own to figure things out.

Schedule a free, no-commitment wellness evaluation.

Our first meeting with you is all about understanding who you are and customizing your experience. The best part? It’s completely free.

Here’s what you can expect after you hit, “Submit.” We’ll shoot you an email to decide on a convenient time for you to stop by our facility. We’ll be ready and waiting to spend about an hour learning about your lifestyle and goals. We’ll reveal what it will take to achieve those goals and create a milestone timeline that will help you know what to expect as you begin your journey. You’ll even have a chance to fit in a short workout and experience our space hands-on.

Need time to think? No problem. We’ll follow up to see if we were the right fit for you. Ready to come on board? We can set you up to start your health and healing journey right away.

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