Fitness Community Day and Blood Drive

Never Settle Fitness is hosting a community day on Saturday January 7th with you in mind! Bring your family and friends to check out our new personal training facility as we kick the new year off. Enjoy food, a live DJ, and free training classes for four hours. You will leave with plenty of tips on how to have a happy, healthy year in 2017! The event is family friendly and open to the public. The event has no cost to attend

Win Three Months of Free Personal Training from Never Settle Fitness

Here at Never Settle Fitness, we understand that many people deserve to have a personal trainer, but cannot afford to have one. We also believe in the power of generosity and that you cannot serve God without serving people, so Never Settle Fitness is gladly giving away FREE personal training for 3 months to the one person we feel truly needs it the most…

We Challenge You to Drink One Gallon of Water Every Day

It turns out almost every one on the planet could use a little bit more water. Despite free flowing clean water, 75% of Americans don’t drink enough of it. Over 600 million people  globally don’t even have access to clean drinking water. That is why Never Settle Fitness is challenging you to drink one gallon of water everyday for the entire month of November. We will donate to clean water projects when you post a picture on our social media pages drinking water.

Start 2015 by Losing Inches for India

Two of the greatest problems faced by the world in 2015 are obesity and malnutrition. Here in America, we suffer from having too much food while many third world countries suffer from not having enough. This January 1st, 2015 we launched the NEVER SETTLE Fitness Fat Loss Challenge to help fight both tragedies