Never Settle Fitness Endorsed by Angela from Real 98.3

I am pleased to announce Never Settle Fitness was recently endorsed by a local iHeart Radio station. REAL 98.3 is Indianapolis’ number one station for hip hop and R&B. Many of our clients listen to the popular Breakfast Club “dangerous” morning show on the way to the gym for early morning sessions.

Angelina Jones, on-air DJ of REAL 98.3, is experiencing first hand what is means to “train with purpose” at Never Settle Fitness. She is loving it so far! In exchange for the best personal training Indianapolis can offer, Angelina will share her fitness journey live on her show every Sunday from 1:00PM – 7:00 PM EST. Also you can hear her endorsements on our Youtube page.



Angelina has already completed her consultation process which lasted about one hour. She filled out a detailed Health Questionnaire about her health history including current measurements, weight, body fat, and hydration percentages. We tell our clients not to focus just on the number on the scale because it can be deceiving. That is why we use multiple metrics (not just weight) to track client results. Next we sat down to discuss her activity levels, diet, and sleep so we could better understand how Never Settle Fitness could help her reach her goals.  The last part of the consultation is a demo training session. This gives clients like Angelina the opportunity to try out our personal training risk free and it also allows us to assess her current fitness level. Our consultations are typically valued at $250, but Never Settle Fitness is providing this as a complimentary service for any REAL 98.3 listeners.

Make sure to tune in every week to hear about Angelina’s goals, struggles, personal accomplishments, and results. We are beyond excited for this opportunity and broadening our influence in the greater Indianapolis area. Our hope is to reach more people so we are able to share our love and knowledge for health and wellness. Never Settle Fitness is determined to teach people everywhere what it means to train with purpose.

Check out #RealSundays with Angelina on Real 98.3.Check out #RealSundays with Angelina on Real 98.3.

Published by Jeremy R. Pittman

Jeremy is the founder and Chief Volunteer of the Never Settle Foundation. My dad was Pastor Don Pittman. He coined the phrase "never settle" on Easter Sunday in 2006. That message ultimately inspired him to found this non-profit foundation in 2011.

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