New Personal Training Packages starting January 2020

At Never Settle Fitness your health and healing is our number one priority. After years of experience in the fitness industry, we know exactly what it takes to get optimal results. We have learned that 30 minutes a week for a month or two just isn’t going to cut it if you want to provoke real change. Our clients who get the best results and greatest return on their investment are dedicated to multiple sessions a week for at least three consecutive months.

Because we are invested in you just as much as you are us, we have formulated a plan that encompasses all aspects of the four pillars of wellness within 60 minute sessions and a 3 month time frame

During that one hour, you can expect 10 of those minutes to be dedicated to preparing and warming up your muscles to be activated as needed, 30 minutes of strength and/or HIIT, 10-15 minutes of a cool down in the form of stretching, foam rolling, or zeroing in on range of motion concerns, and 5-10 minutes of nutritional consulting or addressing any other needs you may have.

We truly provide the full package you NEED to get the results you WANT at a competitive price. 

These options are reflective of training with a professional for once, twice, or three times a week for one hour each session over the course of 3 months. 

  • 12 sessions: $960 

  • 24 sessions: $1,800

  • 36 sessions: $2,520

Don’t wait any longer…

Schedule your complimentary consultation today and begin training with purpose tomorrow.

Published by Jeremy R. Pittman

Jeremy is the founder and Chief Volunteer of the Never Settle Foundation. My dad was Pastor Don Pittman. He coined the phrase "never settle" on Easter Sunday in 2006. That message ultimately inspired him to found this non-profit foundation in 2011.

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