5 Steps To Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

The start of the New Year also happened to be the beginning of a new decade. This time of the year is a fun and exciting way for people to reflect on the previous year (or ten years) and make a note of things they could have done differently. In a lot of ways it represents a fresh start and if you’re ahead of the game it’s an opportunity to experience an abundance of growth. With the right mindset, a plan for success, and some consistency, you can make 2020 your best year yet! Here are five steps that will change your life and the direction you’re headed this New Year.

1. Get Involved in a Community

There is a 65% likelihood that you will complete your goals if you casually commit to just one person. Your chance of success may increase up to 95% if you set an appointment with someone and are specific about the accountability needed for you to achieve your goals. If you want to earn six figures, you have to surround yourself with six figure earners. If you desire to be healthy, you need to interact daily with people who are already making healthy decisions. If you are looking to become successful, you have to develop friendships with people who have created success in their lives. You were not designed to be alone, so don’t be! Getting involved in a community with like minded individuals will help keep you motivated, hold you accountable, challenge your way of thinking, and ultimately increase your odds of accomplishing your goals. Do you have a health or fitness resolution in mind, but aren’t apart of a thriving community yet? We would love to welcome you into our family! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @neversettlefit or schedule your complimentary consultation today!

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Now that you have found your community, utilize it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re in the right network, people won’t mind helping you, so don’t feel like you’re being a burden! This doesn’t mean you expect others to do the work and you reap the benefits. Success never works like that. But it’s wise to save yourself time and potentially a lot of money by learning from the mistakes of people who were once in the same position you are in today.

3. Listen to a Podcast Every Day

Regardless of your goals, self development is a key component to becoming successful. You have to constantly seek out opportunities to grow as a person and expand your knowledge. Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to do this! As the owner of Never Settle Fitness, a private personal training facility in Indianapolis, a mom of 2, and a wife, podcasts are an easy and effective way for me to continue learning and broaden my way of thinking. You can listen to them when you’re in the shower, in the car driving to work, or when you’re working out. If you’re busy like me, podcasts are an excellent way to invest into your personal development without neglecting any other obligations. Two of my favorite podcasts are Trained presented by Nike and Mind Pump.

4. Read for 30 Minutes Each Day

It’s no secret that reading is great for you! Studies show it can help improve memory and cognitive function. Reading can also increase empathy, reduces stress, and improve your intelligence and learning capacity. Bottom line, if you’re looking to improve your life in any kind of way, you should make it a priority to read at least 30 minutes every day. Get a dose of your monthly reading on holistic health, fitness, and nutritional healing by subscribing to our free newsletter or blog.

5. Make A Healthy Decision Every Day

Your health matters! Not only does living a healthy lifestyle help you look better, but feel better too! Exercising and eating a balanced diet directly affects your mood and energy levels. These things in return can benefit you both personally and professionally. Maybe you’re not ready to go all out in the gym or give up that pizza just yet. That’s fine! We are all on different points in our journey, so wherever you are right now is exactly where you’re supposed to be. If starting a healthier nutrition program or exercise routine seems too daunting right now, make a conscious effort to make at least one healthy decision every day. So, next time you reach for that soda, choose water instead or go on a walk during the time you would normally watch TV. Small things go a long way when they are done consistently, so never doubt the significance one decision can make. Ready to jump all in to a healthier lifestyle but need some guidance and accountability? Consider joining the next kickoff of Electrify Your Life, a groundbreaking healing and wellness detox program.

All in all, if you want this new year to look different than last year, you have to do things differently. For optimal change, make sure to get involved into a community, don’t be afraid to ask for help, listen to a podcast and read for at least 30 minutes every day, and practice at least one healthy decision before you go to bed each night. If you consistently do all five of these steps, I guarantee 2020 will be one of your best years yet!

Published by Jeremy R. Pittman

Jeremy is the founder and Chief Volunteer of the Never Settle Foundation. My dad was Pastor Don Pittman. He coined the phrase "never settle" on Easter Sunday in 2006. That message ultimately inspired him to found this non-profit foundation in 2011.

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