Easter Sunday: The Ultimate Reason to Never Settle

With all of us being on “stay at home” orders from the government this Easter Sunday my heart went back to this day. The day our family along with countless others chose to ‘never settle.’ And this morning from your homes you can make the same choice. You may be alone, concerned about your job loss, your health, your family’s safety; so many things flood our thoughts but I have always told my kids, It’s times like these that champions are made! Don’t succumb to fear, anxiety or even boredom. Have you ever thought that maybe God has something important for you to do during this time? Don’t waste it. Not long ago we were all tired and frazzled from leading our hectic lives. I can almost hear God saying, “Be still and know that I am God!” You have been called to a grand purpose in your life. Why not use this time to figure that out and then start pursuing it?! Covid-19 won’t last forever! But the choices you make now for eternity will. Let this Easter Sunday be your time to choose to Never Settle!