Easter Sunday: The Ultimate Reason to Never Settle

With all of us being on “stay at home” orders from the government this Easter Sunday my heart went back to this day. The day our family along with countless others chose to ‘never settle.’ And this morning from your homes you can make the same choice. You may be alone, concerned about your job loss, your health, your family’s safety; so many things flood our thoughts but I have always told my kids, It’s times like these that champions are made! Don’t succumb to fear, anxiety or even boredom. Have you ever thought that maybe God has something important for you to do during this time? Don’t waste it. Not long ago we were all tired and frazzled from leading our hectic lives. I can almost hear God saying, “Be still and know that I am God!” You have been called to a grand purpose in your life. Why not use this time to figure that out and then start pursuing it?! Covid-19 won’t last forever! But the choices you make now for eternity will. Let this Easter Sunday be your time to choose to Never Settle!

The Skinny on Obesity

When people embark on a weight loss journey, the most common first steps are changing the quality and quantity of foods consumed. Many switch from eating high energy density foods (a lot of calories in a small amount of food) to low energy density foods, or fewer calorie foods. There’s a common misconception that eating less will result in weight loss, and although this may be true in the beginning stages, this method will not work long term. 

So here’s the skinny on obesity…

How To Keep Your Health And Fitness New Year’s Resolution

It’s January once again, which for 40% of Americans means New Year’s resolutions that typically are fitness and health related. A new year signifies a new beginning; a fresh start, however, 80% of people who create a New Year’s resolution fail by the second week of February. Here are five tips to keep in mind so you can be one of the few who keep their fitness resolutions and are successful this year.

New Team Training Class: Stretching and Mobility

Never Settle Fitness now offers a team training class dedicated to Stretching and Mobility. The class meets every Monday from 6:30PM – 7:30PM. The purpose of the Stretching and Mobility team training class at Never Settle Fitness is to stretch your muscles and strengthen them in new ranges of motion. It’s not a high-intensity cardio-focused class like our Bootcamp. But don’t worry, you are going to sweat! 

Fit and Fun: Alternative Bachelorette Parties

Calling all brides and bridesmaids! You’ve seen all the pins on Pinterest — the same old ideas for wedding showers and bachelorette parties that you’ve seen a hundred times. Are you looking for a new way to bond with your besties? Not interested in unhealthy binge drinking or wild shenanigans? Here are some alternatives to the typical bachelorette party

10 Quotes to Motivate and Inspire Your Fitness Journey

Here at Never Settle Fitness, we believe in motivating our clients to achieve all that their bodies and minds are meant for. Whether you call it a prayer, a mantra, or simply a quote, setting your intention for every workout can make a huge difference in your success. By knowing what you hope to achieve and to believe by the end, you will be one step closer to reaching your goals. This is the first step to training with purpose. We’ve compiled some of our favorite sayings below. We hope they inspire you. Feel free to share your favorite ones on social media with the hashtag #NeverSettleFitness.

Fight the Weight of the Holidays

What can you do to fight holiday weight? The average person will gain 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The combination of lower activity levels and higher calorie foods (and more portions of them) can equal a fitness disaster for so many. Five tips from us to fight the holiday weight.

Meet Emily Christine — a fit expectant mom!

When Emily Christine found out she was pregnant, it was, as she says, “the most thrilling moment.” Like so many expectant mothers, Emily Christine and her family were so excited for this incredible time in their lives to begin. Getting pregnant was a pleasant surprise, but Emily Christine knew she wanted to keep her routine fairly normal after hearing the news. She had always made exercise a priority in her life, usually working out for at least an hour each day be it cardio, weights or circuit training.

Some expecting moms or women hoping to become pregnant may wonder, is it safe to workout during pregnancy? What changes do you need to make around your fitness routine when you have a little one on the way?