Virtual Personal Training: It’s Not What You Think!

Personal virtual training is no new concept. In fact, it’s been around much longer than most people expect. Your mind may immediately think back to 70’s and 80’s workout videos. From Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons, to even more modern day Jillian Michaels and Beach Body Bootcamp, virtual training has had its place in the fitness industry for decades.

But times are different. Since the recent global outbreak of COVID-19 and lockdown procedures, more and more things are moving online. The fitness industry is no exception to this. Your expert trainers at Never Settle Fitness saw this shift coming and quickly implemented online options, but our virtual training is not what you think. This post explores three reasons why our virtual training options not only are different than your traditional workout videos or online programs, but better! 

Introducing Virtual Personal Training

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected the entire nation and world in so many ways. The outbreak in Indiana forced a mandatory shut down of our fitness facility in Indianapolis until the unforeseen future. This left us with no options except to offer services remotely. Unlike many studios, however, who responded with fear, we took our time to create virtual training programs that will long outlive this pandemic.

We understand many people have unstable incomes during this time, so it was important to us to provide cost-friendly options for everyone. This is our way of playing our part to help boost your immune system and keep you and your family active during quarantine.