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We all have heard the saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” but many people don’t realize they could die a lot sooner with this mentality. In fact, approximately 50-70 million Americans of all ages are negatively impacted by sleep related issues. And if these problems persist, chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, depression, and heart disease can occur. Unfortunately as a society we tend to prioritize the hustle and the “need” to always be busy while deeply undervaluing quality rest.

I remember at 19 years old I opened and closed a local gym, often working 12+ hours a day in preparation to become a personal trainer. During my 15 minute breaks I regularly took quick, power naps in the massage room in an attempt to combat the fatigue. When the manager found out about this, I was called lazy and told I wasn’t cut out to be a personal trainer. Luckily, I didn’t believe him and pursued my passion and purpose for training anyway. Now I have been in the health and wellness industry for 12 years. In fact, experiences like this actually encouraged me to be different and made me the professional I am today. I now take a holistic approach to health and fitness through functional training and nutritional healing consulting and specialize in fat loss and the prevention/reversal of chronic disease. Recharging with a good night’s rest plays an essential role in this.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but working 60+ hours a week is not an accomplishment. Stop wearing your exhaustion as a badge of honor. Anything that sacrifices your quality of rest is never worth it.

Tired minds don’t plan well. You cannot serve your purpose in this generation without adequate rest.

I am a firm believer that everyone has a purpose, but you cannot reach your greatest potential if you are unwell. A part of my purpose is helping you find healing so you can pursue yours. It’s time to challenge the status quo and raise the current health standard by prioritizing sleep and recharging with a good night’s rest.

Published by Larissa Reynolds

Hey team 👋🏼 I am a nutritional healing consultant and have been in the health and wellness industry for 12 years. I specialize in fat loss and chronic disease prevention and reversal. I am passionate about living a holistic lifestyle in everything I do while teaching others how to do the same. I firmly believe that for every man-made illness, there is a cure within God’s creation. ⁣🙌🏼🌱♥️

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